Sunday, April 17, 2011

DayStar ION H-Alpha Solar Filters

Submitted by Tammy Plotner

There's more exciting news from DayStar Filters! It's time to introduce the ION...

ION Features:

Hydrogen Alpha Solar Filter for rear mounting
on existing telescopes.

Available in 0.8Å, 0.7Å, 0.6Å, 0.5Å, 0.4Å, 0.3Å

Telescope compatibility: Refractor, SCT, Maksutov (if sufficient focus travel).

Single-turn knob with ‘center position detent’ for wing shift adjustment of +/- 0.5 Å in 0.1 Å steps.

Status LED indicates when filter is on band or settling to temperature.

Always on band, ovenized filter housing with dual thermoelectric coolers, capable of heating or cooling to maintain etalon temperature regardless of ambient temperature.

Dual MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) fans for increased cooling capacity have no visually detectable vibration.

Accepts standard Quantum plates, providing mounting to T-thread, SCT thread, or 2" drawtube, for use with eyepieces or cameras.

Compatible with standard DayStar ERFs or UV/IR cut filters (usage is mandatory).

The DayStar ION was created to replace the T-Scanner and according to DayStar employees, “ It is so much easier to use than the T-Scanner and is the most user friendly filter we have made to date!”

We're ready....

And if you're ready to place an order for the new DayStar ION H-Alpha Filter, you can! Here's the links:

DayStar Filters ION 0.8Å H-Alpha Solar Filter

DayStar Filters ION 0.7Å H-Alpha Solar Filter

DayStar Filters ION 0.6Å H-Alpha Solar Filter

DayStar Filters ION 0.5Å H-Alpha Solar Filter

DayStar Filters ION 0.4Å H-Alpha Solar Filter

DayStar Filters ION 0.3Å H-Alpha Solar Filter

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