Friday, April 15, 2011

Astrotrac- Leading the Future of Portable EQ Mounts!

By R.D. Stephens

Known for their unique and economical designs, AstroTrac has been at the forefront of ultra portable and high-precision mount construction since 2007 when Richard Taylor, designer and founder, presented the original AstroTrac at Astrofest in London.   Their goal has always been to push the boundaries of economical and compact mount design.  Ensuring that the travelling astronomer can have a mount they can trust and easily bring along, whether it’s to the far reaches of their backyard or halfway around the world.

For those of you not familiar with the now world-famous AstroTrac, it’s latest iteration dubbed the TT320X AG features RA auto-guiding and an optional pier. Into which the entire mount packs- it’s about the same size as a large poster or mailing tube which is AWESOME!  It is truly your best choice for a lightweight and uber-portable imaging companion.  The AstroTrac product has always featured beautiful design as well, merging perfect form with gorgeous function. 

And this year, AstroTrac unveils…

A full size German Equatorial Mount!

Plenty of EQ mounts on the market you say? Maybe.  But none feature Richard’s signature attention to detail, visually striking design and, as always, ultra-high portability without hindering precise function.

At first glance the new mount is a beauty; sleek yet restrained with extra attention put into every detail, from the motor covers and knobs to the slim-line counterweights.   Consideration was given to every ounce of weight, cutting out as much as possible while maintaining the mount’s strengthThe EQ mount, just like it’s baby brother the TT320X AG, is a cinch to tote around.

Swiss made worm gears, uniquely configured extra large ball bearings and 12v DC motors ensure a very high load to weight ratio while offering enough torque to make sure that your telescope and camera have a steady ride.    And what about those cool features?  How about a built in guiding camera and Wi-Fi compatibility?  Yes, you read that right; you can control the AstroTrac EQ with your iPad, iPhone, or netbook! 

The mount pictured here is a prototype and while changes will be subtle, there will be changes made.  Final specs and mount production is due in June or July of this year.  

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