Sunday, April 17, 2011

ASA Reducers and Correctors

Submitted by Tammy Plotner

While visiting NEAF 2011, another company to check out for new innovations and new products is Astro Systeme Austria. Let's wander by the ASA booth and see what's new!

ASA Astrosysteme has just completed tests and has released its newest electric focuser for heavy payloads and image trains over 6kg payload (tested up to 20kg). The OK3-Z comes with an internal gear rack which greatly improves stability and repeatability of focus positions (crucial for remote operations). The focuser works in conjunction with ASA’s new and improved electrical controller ensuring finer motor steps and smother acceleration (the controller can be ordered separately or can be integrated within ASA's Direct Drive Mounts). The new ASA OK3-Z and enlarged focuser tube counter plate will be standard with all ASA astrographs 16 inch and above. The OK3-Z is shipped with a stand-alone ASCOM Focuser Driver and can also be controlled from within ASA's telescope control software Autoslew. In both cases the focuser can be accessed by third party software applications such as FocusMax and MaximDL via the ASCOM platform. (Image depicts OK3 model.)

Next up is the ASA Schmidt Cassegrain Reducer 0.77X. A Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope will show substantial image errors (most prominent being coma and image field curvature errors). ASA Astrosysteme is now offering a new SC Reducer Corrector, which was developed by Dipl. Phys. Philipp Keller and is built by ASA.

The corrector not only reduces the outer axial image errors but is also able to correct chromatical aberration errors which are introduced by the Schmidt plate. The results are pinpoint stars not only to the side but also into the image middle. The reducer will correct the focal length down by a factor of 0,77x. It is perfectly suitable for perfect image performance onto APS-C format sized CCD chips.

Last in prodigious line up of new products is the ASA 2” Coma Corrector – X1.175 which works with all popular camera systems.

You can place your own special orders for the ASA OK3-Z Electric Focuser, ASA Schmidt Cassegrain Reducer 0.77X and the ASA 2" Coma Corrector - X1.175 at OPT today!

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