Monday, February 20, 2012

Product Spotlight: Vixen Polaire

Vixen Polairie Star Tracker

Are you looking for an easy way to start yourself into astrophotography? Then check out the very uncomplicated and very affordable Vixen Polaire Star Tracker!

The simple and elegant Vixen Polaire looks like an ordinary digital camera, but this compact mount platform and tripod is all you need to begin capturing night scenes and star images with ease. Just attach the tracker to the tripod and connect any digital camera weighing up to 4.4 lbs. Now make use of captive compass to orient the mount to face north. Ready for even more easy alignment? The Vixen Polaire Star Tracker also includes an alignment window for visual reference to Polaris! That means it can double as a polar alignment scope!

Vixen Polairie Star Tracker

Now you're ready to begin imaging! Once the Vixen Polaire Star Tracker is set, it tracks smoothly along with the motion of the stars. No more unwanted "star trails" on your images. You'll be treated to sharp, crisp and clean astrophotography!

The Polarie is designed to not only be functional, but also to be compact and attractive. Inside it houses highly accurate stepper motors and precision gears. What's more, it operates on just two inexpensive and readily available AA batteries. That means no separate power source is needed. Outside is an attractive body with no visible screws or complicated connections to clutter your arrangement or tangle your astrophotography sessions. While the Polaire wasn't designed to be waterproof, you'll find it is "weatherproof" and functions in most weather conditions.

With the Venus transit coming up in the near future, you'll find the Vixen Polaire Star Tracker to be a great companion tool with your Coronado PST. Follow and image sunspot action... But don't stop there! The entire 2012 year features repeated planetary conjunctions that just beg for night sky photography. Image photographing Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter when they're lined up together! You're going to love what the Polaire can help you do!

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