Monday, February 13, 2012

Product Spotlight - TeleVue Delos Eyepieces

TeleVue optical quality is a legend... and the legend continues with the new Delos eyepiece line. Designed by master optician, Paul Dellechiaie, this repertoire of the 6mm, 10mm and now a 17.3mm eyepiece sets a new standard in the mid-to-short focal length range. Delivering an outstanding 20mm of eye relief and a realistic 72° apparent field of view, these affordable optics are sure to please with their neutral color images, full field sharpness and virtually perfect f θ (theta) distortion mapping. Imagine putting these eyepieces to work on planets, lunar studies, distant galaxies and ethereal nebulae!

What sets the TeleVue Delos Eyepiece above the crowd? You'll find that image quality is enhanced through the use of multi-coatings which match the glass structure and anti-reflection coatings are incorporating through the entire eyepiece - not just reducing spurious images, but eliminating them. Increasing contrast is what it's all about, and the TeleVue Delos design employs an eyeguard system which continuously adjusts and can be locked into any position.

To prevent extraneous light from entering the eye, the first lens surface of the Delos design measures a generous 35mm and the sliding eyeguard quickly adjusts to not only provide observer comfort, but to all-importantly block stray light. The eyeguard can also be rotated for use with Dioptrix, too. Last, but not least, the eyepiece body is marked with indicator lines which can serve as a positioning reference guide for future use. You'll appreciate the 1.25" barrel and the slender, less clunky design... And you'll also appreciate an affordable price point!

The TeleVue Delos Eyepiece.... Why wait another night?

Written by Tammy Plotner.

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