Monday, January 16, 2012

Product Spotlight - Celestron Green Laser Finderscope Kit

Are you ready for a great way to aim your telescope that's not only accurate... but easy? Then you've got to check out the Celestron Green Laser Finderscope Kit!

At the heart of the kit is a 5mW green laser pointer with a sharp, bright, clear beam. (Always remember a green laser pointer's performance depends on ambient light, collimation, temperature and battery power. A laser pointer that has been repeatedly dropped or abused won't work as well as expected.) The Celestron Green Laser Pointer Finderscope also comes complete with secure telescope mounting brackets: a dovetail that works with almost every telescope (some binoculars, too!) and a bracket designed for Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes.

Celestron Green Laser Pointer Telescope Finder

Once mounted, simply use the the X-Y alignment screws to put your telescope's target "on the beam". The laser will project a bright green line against the physical sky - not a screen. No more uncomfortable positions when trying to look through a fixed optical finder - or a difficult to see red reticle. You can even remove the laser and use it as a hand held star pointer! Then just place it back in the bracket and you're good to go again. The Celestron Green Laser Finderscope Kit has also included a Complimentary CR123A Battery to get you started and it's covered by a Celestron Two Year Limited Warranty. You're gonna' love it... I love mine!

Written by Tammy Plotner. Be sure to check out her new observing book Night Sky Companion 2012!

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