Monday, December 19, 2011

Product Spotlight - The Celestron Power Tank

Written by Tammy Plotner

For those who have a battery-operated "GoTo" telescope, you know the scene. Even the best of them eat batteries! Sure, an AC converter does help, but what happens when you're in the field where you can't use an electrical outlet and hooking up with your car battery and a DC line isn't an option, either? Well, then you have to rely on battery power... And here's some battery power that won't let you down.

The Celestron 12V 7AH Power Tank is hefty and reliable. This unique power source allows you to connect your telescope via the DC (car auxiliary port) cable and gives you all the juice you'll need for a full night's observing and more. Just park it between your tripod legs, hook up your power line and you're good to go.

Celestron Power Tank

Not only does it power your telescope, but a whole lot more. There are three 5mm pin-jack outlets for operating accessories (1 amp max)...a 3V, a 6V and a 9V. There is a built-in flashlight with a red filter that comes in handy during after-dark set-ups! Add to that an 800,000 candle-power halogen emergency spotlight built into the unit. It is certainly not for star parties, but if you leave the Power Tank in your car or someplace accessible in your home, the bright spotlight could be a lifesaver.

Re-chargeable? You bet. It comes with all the necessary gear to just plug it into any standard outlet to revive. One very cool feature is that it can also take a charge from your car, so if you forget at home, you can always charge while driving to a star party or to your remote location. For safety's sake, it will even add a power boost to a weak car battery, so it makes a great emergency tool. What's more, this product is Celestron durable. That means you're going to have it around and doing its job long after the warranty has expired.

Interested? You'll find the Celestron 12V 7AH Power Tank at OPT - and at a price you'll really like.

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