Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Capture Comet C2009 P1 Garradd Now

Written by Tammy Plotner

What are you waiting for? If it's an engraved invitation, the consider this your pass to get out and start looking for Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd! It's well within reach of average binoculars and it's even in a position that's easy for the average observer! Step on out here into the backyard and I'll show you...

At close to magnitude 8, Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd is currently grazing its way along the eastern line of the Summer Triangle. Even if you live in a moderately light polluted area, you should be able to make out the three bright stars, Deneb to the north, Vega to the west and Altair to the south. Just aim your binoculars roughly halfway between Altair and Deneb and look for a faint, fuzzy poofball just slightly east of that line which signifies the comet's presence. What you will see in binoculars will appear to be like a "fuzzy star" - while a telescope will reveal the beginnings of a tail.

Just check out the video taken by our friends at Bareket Observatory!

Did you catch the signature of a Perseid meteor in there, too? Good for you!

Now quit messing around on the computer and get out there and capture that comet!

Many thanks to Bareket Observatory for the images and to Heavens-Above.com for the finder chart!

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